Aquarium Pros and Cons in Home (4 Types of Aquarium Shapes)

Often people want to have a pet in order to give him their love, caress, and care. But, sensibly assessing their capabilities, many realize that they cannot change the way of an established life, and they don’t have time to take care of a cat or a dog. For this reason, they decide to acquire at home a corner of wildlife in the form of an aquarium, whose silent inhabitants do not demand anything, do not spoil anything, and do not want to walk on the street. Here we will discuss aquarium pros and cons in Home and apartments. with types of aquarium for home.

aquarium pros and cons in home 4 types of aquarium shapes

History of the Aquarium

Who was the first to “tame” the fish, and who was the first to come up with the idea to settle them in their home?

China can be given the lead in this. It was the Chinese who were the pioneers in keeping fish at home. And the first domestic fish was crucian carp. Later, the Japanese and Egyptians picked up the idea of domestic fish.

In the 16th century, Tsar Ivan the Terrible often received glass balls with goldfish as a gift from foreign ambassadors. And the semblance of aquariums in noble houses appeared under Peter I.

The first aquariums were primitive. A glass vessel was filled with water from a well. Care was extremely simple: feeding the inhabitants of the aquarium, replacing dead fish with live fish caught in the nearest reservoir. Water was replaced only after it began to deteriorate and emit an unpleasant odor.

In the middle of the 19th century, while experimenting, the English scientist Ward placed goldfish in a container with water and plants. It is he who is the inventor of the modern aquarium. By the end of the 19th century, the hobby for aquarism swept the whole world.

Now, speaking of an aquarium, it should be understood that this is not just a vessel filled with water. After all, only water is not enough for fish. This is a glass container with special equipment. Moreover, it contains not only fish, but also creates a certain ecosystem.

The aquarium has become an integral part of our life. Rare restaurants, beauty salons, children’s institutions do without the presence of glass houses in them for the most diverse and bizarre inhabitants of the water element. Many aquariums are at home.

aquarium pros and cons at Home

aquarium pros and cons at home

aquarium pros

A real pleasure is to contemplate the fish leading a serene life in an aquarium. It’s relaxing and intoxicating. Fish as a pet is a good option for many reasons:

  • The crazy rhythm of modern life can shake mental and physical health. Psychologists have proven the beneficial effect of the aquarium on the state of mind of a person. People who have the opportunity to watch fish at home recover faster after a hard day, their mood and well-being improve, and negativity disappears.
  • Scientists have long noted that observing the underwater world contributes to the comprehensive development of children. The aquarium, no doubt, will kindle interest and curiosity in the child, and will be able to form a sense of responsibility.
  • The water tank is a natural air humidifier. If the apartment is dry, especially during the heating period, then the presence of an aquarium has a beneficial effect on the human respiratory system, is an excellent prevention during the period of respiratory diseases.
  • The aquarium looks beautiful in the interior of the apartment. It is always spectacular, charming.
  • Aquarium can become a real interesting hobby for life , which will help you find new friends from among like-minded people.
  • Knowledge of the basics of aquarism will broaden your horizons in the field of biology, chemistry and physics. Without a set of special knowledge, it is easy to fail in the creation and maintenance of an aquarium.
  • Having installed an aquarium in the apartment, you can feel like the creator of the whole world . A world in which life will seethe, in which you can plant underwater “lawns” and “jungles” of algae. A world that will become a source of inspiration and joy.

aquarium cons

The aquarium gives individuality to the interior of the apartment. It’s beautiful, romantic, it’s not like everyone else. But there are some pitfalls that you need to be aware of when deciding to install it:

  • The cost of setting up an aquarium and filling it can be overwhelming. Buying equipment, plants, fish, maintenance, care – all this is an expensive pleasure.
  • Any pet requires care . And fish are no exception. Change the water once a week, clean and clean the aquarium once a month, systematic monitoring of the state of the water, daily maintenance of natural balance, difficult fight against diseases of fish and plants. How long will you have the patience to keep the silent creatures at home.
  • A weighty argument against is that the aquarium causes allergies in its owners. You can’t be directly allergic to fish. They are in the water, and there is no direct contact with them. But dry fish food can cause a severe allergic reaction. But this problem can be avoided by buying live or flake food.
  • With high humidity in the apartment, it is undesirable to install aquariums with volumes over 50 liters . The walls become damp, and dampness, as you know, is an excellent environment for the development of various fungi. But small containers will not bring harm and will not affect the increase in humidity in the house.
  • If small children live in the apartment , then having an aquarium can be dangerous. The child does not understand that the container can break, that toys cannot be thrown into it. Also, children can feed the fish with inappropriate food. In this case, the aquarium must be installed in a place inaccessible to children, or vigilant control should be established both for the child and for the fish.
  • Doctors say that some fish diseases are transmitted to humans . For example, fish tuberculosis can lead to rashes, sores and crusts on the skin of the hands. This disease affects weakened fish living in cramped, dirty water, eating low-quality food.
  • Aquarium cleaning chemicals are not always safe.
  • The electrical equipment of aquariums can also be a source of danger in the apartment.

4 types of aquarium shapes For Homes

4 types of aquarium shapes

There are 4 main types of aquarium shapes For Homes:

  • Rectangular.
  • Corner.
  • Panoramic.
  • Wall.

Rectangular aquarium

  • This aquarium is suitable for all types of fish. In such a “house” the width is almost identical to the height. If these proportions are observed, oxygen ideally spreads through the water, and the fish can move freely inside.
  • A rectangular home aquarium is also comfortable in the sense that you can create absolutely any kind of landscape in it – fantasy or natural. But a rectangular aquarium has some disadvantages, for example, it has a large size. Therefore, it will be difficult for you to fit the aquarium into the room.

Corner aquarium

  • This type of aquarium is chosen by people to effectively decorate the space in the corner of the room. The large dimensions of the aquarium allow each designer to come up with a large number of unusual ideas.
  • Often such an aquarium becomes a subject of lighting, or an element of a bar. Design features make it possible to make a variety of landscape ideas inside the aquarium.

Panoramic aquarium

  • Such an aquarium can be of several types: angular, rectangular, round. The main part of the glass element – the aquarium is equipped with a curved viewing glass. Thanks to him, the internal space of the tank is significantly increased.
  • Thanks to the panoramic aquarium , the owner gets an incredible experience, because the interior of the tank can be viewed from any side.

Wall Aquarium

  • This aquarium is never wide. This significantly reduces the circle of its inhabitants, design ideas. However, the use of new technologies allows designers to create an almost universal look of the aquarium. It can be an excellent combination of aesthetics and functionality.
  • The main feature of such a tank is that it can harmoniously fit into any interior of the room. You can choose a frame that will be combined with the design of the house, apartment.
  • A wall aquarium can be placed between rooms. This will make it possible to monitor the inhabitants of the reservoir from two rooms at the same time. A wall aquarium can be built-in or suspended.

Large aquariums pros and cons for home

If you decide to buy an aquarium for your home , we recommend that you first decide what size it will be. Here, try to realistically assess your own capabilities. Large aquariums have both disadvantages and positive aspects.

Large aquarium pros

As the reviews of many owners of large aquariums show, they have the following advantages:

  • The interior of the room with an aquarium, which occupies part of the room, looks simply gorgeous. A transparent wall that separates 2 rooms looks very effective.
  • Illumination of the water tank can become an original lamp. The aquarium will create an interesting atmosphere due to water reflections, shadows of the inhabitants of the water.
  • In a large aquarium, there are more opportunities to create an integral natural complex , where you can place plants, stones, and even exotic fish. You can install various technical devices for fish, and these devices will not be so conspicuous.
  • The wall, which will be decorated with a large aquarium, does not need additional decoration. And, if you place the tank in the wall, you can significantly save the total space of the room.

large aquarium Cons

A home aquarium, which has large dimensions, also has its own drawbacks. Let’s highlight the most important among them:

  • A large aquarium has large dimensions. The placement of such an artificial reservoir in the room makes special demands on the strength of the surface, on its horizontal position. If you deviate from the horizontal, break the uniformity of the distribution of water pressure on the glass. As a result, the risk of an accident will increase, residents, neighbors living below you will suffer.
  • An aquarium that is placed inside a wall cannot be cleaned with the usual method . Therefore, in order to regularly clean the water, you will need to use special devices.
  • The cost of a large aquarium is very high. In addition, you should take into account the fact that you will have to use the help of specialists to install the tank. And their services are also sometimes expensive.

Round aquarium pros and cons for home

Round aquarium pros

  • Especially popular among people is a round aquarium for the home . People began to install it since the 50s of the last century. The aquarium was chosen because it had an unusual shape and relatively low cost. However, people did not have much choice, but a round aquarium could be seen on the shelves of any zoological store.
  • Back in the middle of the 9th century, many people considered a round aquarium to be a glass ball in which goldfish should swim. This was confirmed by the paintings of some artists of those times. In their paintings, they depicted aquariums that had exactly a rounded shape.
  • A tank of this type was brought to European countries from China. In that country, for a long time people kept fish in round vases. Initially, the dishes were opaque porcelain, over time they began to make glass aquariums.
  • Rectangular aquariums appeared a little later, around the end of the 9th century. Thanks to their own advantages, they have become classics. But people still believe that fish should live in a round aquarium.

A glass tank with water, fish and various plants goes well with any interior of the house. Especially often it is installed in a children’s room, where a round aquarium can replace a night lamp, an interior decoration.

  • Due to the rounded shape, there are no seams or a frame on the aquarium. The reservoir produces a feeling of weightlessness.
  • It’s a pity, but that’s where the positive aspects of the round aquarium ended.

Round aquarium cons

  • Small volume. The largest volume of such an aquarium for the home is 50 liters. If it is larger, it will become fragile. As a rule, round aquariums with a minimum volume of 5 liters and a maximum of 20 liters are found on sale. You probably understand that many fish cannot be placed in such an aquarium.
  • Bulge. Not everyone likes it when the aquarium glass gives distortion. If you look into this tank for a long time, your eyes will get tired. In addition, not every fish can easily exist in such conditions.
  • Small bottom. Fish that live at the bottom of a round aquarium have little room for a normal existence. Therefore, you must choose the plants and decorating elements correctly.
  • Decor. There is not much space in a round aquarium, the tank has a view from any side, so you cannot stick some kind of background inside. You can install any large element in the central part of the aquarium.
  • Equipment. On the rounded walls it is impossible to attach any device. Therefore, it must be attached to a snag or purchase the equipment that is built into the tank lid. In addition, it will be quite difficult for you to find a filter or a small size aerator.
  • Service. You will not be able to clean the rounded walls with an ordinary scraper. To do this, you will have to use a sponge or a special brush. You will also have to change the water much more often, but this drawback is considered not so significant.


Professionals are familiar with all the intricacies of breeding fish, with aquarium pros and cons. You will also study them carefully if you are determined to specifically install an aquarium for your home, to breed various fish and other aquatic inhabitants in it.