Top 11 Black Fish For Aquarium and Tank (Photos) Expert Guide

Solid black is quite rare in freshwater aquarium fish, and virtually none of the black aquarium fish is found in its pure form in nature. This color was obtained by domestic aquatic animals only through selection. Let discuss black fish for aquariums with several titles with photos and general data.

11 Black Fishs For Aquarium

Black mollies

black fish for aquarium

This aquarium fish can be confidently called the black queen of the home aquarium. These are the most famous black aquarium fish, the most popular and widespread. In addition, they are inexpensive and easy enough to maintain, and the offspring of these fish are born with enviable regularity and fully formed – mollies are viviparous fish. In nature, mollies do not occur in solid black, this color was obtained through inbreeding.

There is both a regular form and a lyre-tailed one – with a tail with elongated edges, shaped like a lyre, as well as a disc shape – a rounded-distorted body, shaped like a balloon.

Black moor or telescope Fish

black moor or telescope

This is one of the types of goldfish that is also quite famous and popular. It is a kind of telescope, but black in color, with less prominent cone-shaped eyes and rather small in size compared to other types of gold (about 10 cm). This species belongs to the “disabled” goldfish – because of the excessively bulging eyes, the fish see poorly, and the eyes themselves are very susceptible to infections. Fry is dark bronze in color, only adult fish turn black. Also, with age, the black color becomes paler, down to gray.

In addition to a black telescope, other types of goldfish can be found in black: comets , veil-tails .

Guppy Black Prince

guppy black prince

One of a variety of fancy guppies, stunningly beautiful aquarium fish, but not completely black in color. The front part of the body of the male is silvery-gray, the back part of the body, fins and tail are deep black in color, with possible lighter dots. The female is usually silvery with a black hindquarters and tail. Another variety is the Black Monk fish are completely black in color, a blue tint is noticeable in strong light. The abdomen of males is silvery, females are silvery with a black tail. This variety has been practically lost, but breeders are trying to revive it. There are two more varieties with partial staining: black-tailed tuxedo and panda.

Black scalar

black scalar

There are three black angelfish phenotypes. The black hybrid is an impressively beautiful creamy black scalar, a hybrid of dark, marble and gold scalar. The highest grade will be extremely deep black; lower grade may show black stripes. Double dark black  – soot colors, stripes are visible only when backlit. Black lace  the body of the fish is the color of charcoal, stripes are clearly visible; tail and fins with lace pattern. The streaks can darken or disappear depending on the mood of the fish.

The fry of these varieties are usually light gray in color.

Black betta cockerel

Wild cockerels have black pigmentation, but other colors are usually covered with black. The entire body is covered with black pigment, except for the caudal fin and abdomen. Several black varieties of cockerels were obtained by breeders, and here are just the most popular:

black betta cockerel
  • Black Melano is the most popular of the black varieties. Fish are dense dark black in color, often blue-black (raven-colored). To obtain offspring, this species is crossed with colored varieties, since the male and female of black melano do not produce viable offspring.
  • Black lace is an auburn fish, very rarely gets coloration like black melano.
  • Black Orchid  – a dark black color with steel blue stripes in the fins, often forming an almost butterfly pattern; Black devil – with tints of red; Black ice – with shades of steel, royal or green.
  • Black copper based (newest trend) – unlike Melano, females of this variety are fertile.

Black Macropod

black macropod

The body of these fish is pale brown or dark gray in color, it is covered with 4 to 12 very weak, imperceptible dark stripes or stripes may be absent. This is a labyrinth fish, able to breathe atmospheric air, very hardy.

Labeo bicolor or bicolor

labeo bicolor or bicolor

Aquarium fish of medium size, 12-15 cm, velvety black, with black fins and a red tail. Labeo can add flavor to any large aquarium with many live plants. The absolutely black relative of this species, the black labeo, is a very large fish, 40-90 cm in length, so it is not suitable for keeping in most aquariums.

Black Ancistrus

black ancistrus

Very popular inhabitants of aquariums, chainmail sucker catfish. The body of a dark ancistrus is dark olive-brown in color with light spots. A variety of black star-shaped ancistrus with a pattern of white small dots.

Black swordsman and black platies

black swordsman and black platies

There are several varieties of black swordsmen: silver-black marble, with a red tail, and others. These varieties were obtained by crossing with platies. Platies themselves are also not found in a pure black form.

Black Bagrus or Mistus

black bagrus or mistus

The catfish is black in color, looks like a shark, about 15 – 20 cm in length, with a long mustache (8-10 cm). Close up, you can see small light points on the body. With age, the size of the spots increases. It swims mainly with its belly upwards, which reminds of a synodontis. A predatory nocturnal inhabitant of the aquarium, it is very dangerous for small neighbors.

Brocade pterygoplicht

brocade pterygoplichthys

Another chain catfish-sucker, quite large, up to 20 cm in length. The body is covered with a leopard pattern: spots from coffee brown to black, bordered in yellow. The older the fish, the finer the pattern. In adults, the pattern becomes very small, and in older individuals, it can disappear completely, so that the fish appears completely black.

These are all names for black aquarium fish, the most common, in which the black color predominates.

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