do fish care for their young?

A large number of fish do not care at all about the fate of their offspring. Some lay eggs and leave the spawning site, there are fish that die after breeding. Viviparous fish are able to eat their offspring if they are hungry at this moment.

do fish care for their young

Do Fish Care For Their Young?

There are some types of fish that have much less caviar than others, and they carefully protect Their Young.

For example, one of the criteria when choosing a male for smelt is the appropriate requirement for the safety of the nest for the offspring. By the way, the male smelt is considered the most caring dad. First, he builds a nest, gluing together pieces of grass, and when the female postpones the game, he sensitively protects it and even “ventilates” it, pumping clean water with the movements of the fins. After the young fish emerge from the eggs, the smelt dad makes sure that they are still in the nest for several days. And if it happened that one fry managed to swim out of the nest, then the smelt-dad returns him “home”, capturing him with his mouth.

Tilapia fish take care of their offspring in no less interesting way. The female bears the spawned eggs in her mouth. After all, only there the necessary temperature regime is observed for caviar. When the offspring is born, the mother-fish is always with her “children”. For fry, when a danger arises, the mother fish opens its mouth and the “kids” swim there, fleeing the attack of predators.

what is a young fish called?

Young fish baby is called Fry. They grow really fast and most of them die in young age or some fishes eat them.

How many eggs do the fish lay?

Taking care of future offspring usually comes down to ensuring that the fish-mothers ensure the preservation of eggs. It can be deposited in a place that is inaccessible to predators, or, if possible, it is guarded by parents. The female is able to sweep several thousand eggs at a time. But of the total number, few survive. Many eggs will not be fertilized or die. The fry, after hatching from the eggs, can develop independently.

What kind of Fish Care For Their Young?

Basically, the future fate of the offspring worries those mothers-fish that spawn a small number of eggs, or viviparous species of fish, whose children develop at the expense of the mother. Very often, only one cub is born, which is carefully and in every possible way guarded by the parents. For example, in some shark species, parents protect their cubs and even teach them to hunt. Of the aquarium fish, viviparous species include the well-known guppies, swordtails, and girardius.

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