how to know if your fish is pregnant?

To breed fish in an aquarium, you need to make a lot of effort and effort, because there are many nuances on which their state depends light, food, and the amount of oxygen in the water. And the most important thing is to determine in time whether you have a pregnant fish in your aquarium, if you do not detect an early replenishment of fry, they can easily eat it.

how to know if your fish is pregnant

Reproduction of any living creature is a rather complex physiological process, and aquarium fish are no exception, and this process is influenced by many environmental factors and careful fish breeding.

After the fish has fertilized and is ready to bring offspring, it is important to create the most favorable conditions, but in order to create them, you need to know for sure whether it is pregnant. Different fish breeds have different signs, it can be a change in color or an enlarging abdomen. Let’s look at the manifestation of pregnancy in females in the most common breeds of aquarium fish.

how to tell if a female swordtail fish is pregnant?

Females of these fish can begin to bear offspring as early as eight months, at which time they have already fully reached puberty. It is possible to determine whether there is a pregnancy by the abdomen, on which a dark spot appears, it becomes larger and rounder. And the imminent birth portends a stomach that takes on a square shape.

is my guppy pregnant?

is my guppy pregnant
photo of guppy pregnant looks like

These fish, like swordsmen are viviparous, and in order to bring new offspring, they do not need the presence of a male, one mating is quite enough. It is very easy to determine pregnancy in female guppies, this is done on the belly, it increases very much, and you will not miss it. A spot will also appear, which will become much larger by the birth itself. So the difference in the definition of pregnancy between guppies and swordtails is small, the difference is that the guppy only needs a male once, and swordtails every time.

Is My Betta Fish Pregnant?

is my betta fish pregnant
photo of betta fish pregnant looks like

These fish reach sexual maturity by four months. The onset of pregnancy can be determined by a bright spot on the abdomen and, of course, its increase. The peculiarity lies in the very process of childbirth. The male makes a nest, and when the term of labor approaches, he and the female calms down in it, and then gently sink to the bottom, where eggs are deposited. After that, the male guards the eggs until the fry emerge. As soon as the fry appeared, the female and the male must be deposited in a separate container.

is parrotfish good for pregnancy?

Because of their bright color, these fish can often be found among the inhabitants of aquariums, but their reproduction is a difficult process. It is necessary to create some conditions, for example, water should be warmer and a special house should be installed. It is quite easy to determine pregnancy in a female; she also has a dark spot at the base of the tail, the abdomen becomes larger, and you can also notice that the behavior of the pregnant female is changing, and often goes to a dark place at the bottom.

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