Tetra Algumin Plus Review, Using Instructions, Effectiveness

If algae appear in your tank, be sure to remove it. These harmful plants can harm aquatic flora and fauna. The aquarium, where they appeared, becomes unsightly, the water in it becomes cloudy, acquires a greenish tint. Anything submerged in water, including glass, develops a characteristic bloom.

A good remedy in the fight against water parasites is Tetra Algumin plus, the instructions for use of the drug give full information and review about it. Check out information about fish aquarium care.

A good remedy in the fight against water parasites is Tetra Algumin plus, the instructions for use of the drug give full information and review about it. Check out information about fish aquarium care.

tetra algumin plus
tetra algumin plus

Tetra Algumin plus Description

Tetra Algumin Plus is effective against most aquatic parasitic plants. Suitable for all freshwater aquariums.

Thanks to its liquid formula, it is evenly distributed throughout the aquarium.

The manufacturer of the product is the German company Tetra, which has been a leader in the field of aquarists for a long time. There are also tetra tablets for black beard.

The active substance in the composition of the drug – monolinuron – gives a quick result. In 100 ml of liquid, it is present in the amount of 0.245 g.

Tetra Algumin Plus is available in bottles of various sizes – 100, 250, 500 ml.

Before using the liquid in the aquarium, the following rules must be observed:

  • Do not expose the bottle to sunlight.
  • Cancel filtration with activated carbon.
  • Switch off the UV sterilizer.
  • Carry out aeration.
  • Remove dead algae by hand.

Tetra Algumin Plus effective against type of algae

Tetra Algumin Plus effectively fights many types of algae. After its application, such vegetation stops developing and gradually disappears. But first, you need to remove dead algae with your hands.

Below is a table of common aquatic growths that Tetra Algumin Plus is able to cope with.


Blue-green algae (type Cyanobacteria) cyanobacteria Anabaena, Aphanizomenon and MicrocystisThey are plaque of a characteristic color with an unpleasant odor. Not as common in the aquarium, but among the most dangerous. Formed due to stagnant water and the presence of a large number of nutrients. Isolate is a dangerous toxin that is detrimental to the living organisms of the aquarium.
Green filamentous algae (edogonium, rhizoclonium, spirogyra, cladofora) – the so-called. “Filaments”, (division Chlorophyta)They are represented by bright green threads, short hair-like or cobweb-like algae. They appear in water where ammonium is present and the nitrogen cycle has not been established. If the owner of the aquarium does not attach importance to the use of fertilizers.
Red Algae (Rhodophyta Division) – Crimson, VietnameseWhen they appear in the aquarium and on aquatic plants, not only the appearance suffers, but also red algae have a detrimental effect on the flora of the environment.
Diatoms (from 20 to 200 thousand species)Represented by microscopic organisms covered with shells. They are able to unite in colonies. Excretes mucus. They are attached to aquatic plants and form brown, dark green or yellowish speckled growths on them, which gradually merge into single large spots.

Tetra Algumin Plus Dosage

Experts advise adding Tetra Algumin Plus for prophylactic purposes, you just need to observe the required dosage.

It will be like this: add 5 ml of the solution to 20 liters of water. It is important to carry out preventive maintenance of the aquarium every 4 weeks. The liquid from the bottle is added directly to the water.

Calculation for using Tetra Algumin Plus

If harmful plants have appeared and bring problems, then it’s time to start fighting them.

  • For 10 liters of water, take 5 ml of solution. If the need arises, after 3-4 weeks, the processing of the aquarium is repeated.
  • To make the product last as long as possible, it is stored in a cool and dark place. Shake the bottle well before use to mix its contents.

additional instruction about using Tetra Algumin Plus

It is known that some algae make an aquarium unattractive, inhibit the growth of aquatic plants, and negatively affect the biological state of the entire aquatic environment. And if you do not start a fight with them, the situation will only get worse.

If you start using Algumin Plus for preventive purposes, you can reduce the likelihood of the growth of parasitic plants in the aquarium. At the same time, the rest of the flora and fauna of the aquarium will remain safe.

The manufacturer is constantly improving its products. So, since 2015, the composition of the drug has changed: now Algumin Plus does not contain humic acid (peat extract), and the percentage of monolinuron in it is increased. This made it possible for the drug to effectively fight against all types of algae. Aquarists often refer to this product as the liquid alternative to Algizit.

It should be borne in mind that due to the content of humic acids, the drug gives the effect of “black water”.

prevention for overgrowth of algae

In order to prevent the appearance of harmful growths, you need to know about preventive measures. The main ones are:

  1. Finding the right place for your aquarium. If direct sunlight hits the water, algae growth is possible.
  2. Constant water change.
  3. Creating the right growing conditions for the plants in the aquarium.

Now you can dwell on the important points in more detail.


To stop negative growths, you need to know the composition of the water. The growth of such pests is primarily affected by the penetration of sunlight and excess nutrients. To prevent algae from continuing to develop actively, it is necessary to reduce the intake of trace elements such as phosphates and nitrates.

The temperature indicator is also important: if the water is warm, the algae will begin to multiply. The presence of excess nutrients in the liquid also promotes the growth of parasitic plants. We need to reduce them. Well, the increased rate of decomposition of ammonia NO2, NO3, also contributes to the appearance of harmful vegetation in the aquarium.

The water should be changed regularly. But this is not a panacea for the complete destruction of parasitic algae.


There are some algae-eating animals that can help improve the situation. This is Daphnia. Previously, all living creatures are removed from the aquarium and algae eaters are launched, which in a short time cleanse its contents from parasitic plants.

Algae-eating fish include:

  • Siamese algae eater
  • Ancistrus

They may not completely eliminate the problem, but they will take over most of the work. Purchase for the aquarium and viviparous fish, which, like shrimps, will eat algae, thereby helping the plants to cleanse.

And the last thing. Use chemicals in extreme cases when other methods of control have proved ineffective. Tetra Algumin Plus is reliable and effective, but you shouldn’t rely on it completely.

It is necessary to systematically take care of the aquarium: change the water in a timely manner, test its composition, carry out mechanical cleaning, adjust the aeration and filtration of the container with liquid.

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