Using Fish Tank Water To Grow Plants: Houseplants, Seedling

Having fish at home, periodically you have to change the water in the aquarium. Only some pour it out, others have found practical use.

How comfortable using fish tank water to grow plants, houseplants, and flower growers.

using fish tank water to grow plants

using fish tank water to grow plants

Plant development depends on the quality of water used for Plants. Each type requires its own composition. This is due to the conditions in which crops develop (open or closed ground).

using fish tank water for houseplants

Houseplants need water without heavy metal impurities. Therefore, it is not recommended to take it from open reservoirs.

Another thing is the aquarium. There are no dangerous bacteria in the restricted, protected biome.

There will be no rotting products there if the aquarium is monitored. Therefore, water from a glass reservoir is suitable for watering indoor flowers.

fish tank water For Seedling

The requirements for watering seedlings are equivalent to those for house plants. Seedlings need:

  • clean,
  • soft,
  • oxygenated water at room temperature.

If the pond with fish is not started, use filters, the water drained during replacement is suitable for watering seedlings.

Use fish tank water For to water garden

Crops adapted for outdoor cultivation adequately perceive:

  • rainwater,
  • from wells
  • wells,
  • plumbing.

Although it contains a high content of salts, harmful chemicals, and other impurities. In this case, aquarium water with a soft structure for garden plants is much more useful.

Benefit or harm of using fish tank water to grow plants

Aquarium water is inhabited by microorganisms that maintain the biological balance of the environment. They convert urea (a waste product of fish) into nitrates. As a result, the water turns into a useful substrate of organic origin.

benefit or harm of using fish tank water to grow plants

Note! If the water in the aquarium is stagnant, phosphates and nitrates accumulate in it in large quantities, which is harmful to plants.

indoor flowers

The chemical composition of the water drained from the aquarium has a beneficial effect on the development of domestic plants, being at the same time a multi-component fertilizer:

Benefits of using fish tank water For Indoor flowers:

  • promotes the growth of indoor flowers;
  • improves the process of energy exchange;
  • increases plant immunity;
  • provides quality nutrition.

Indoor flowers respond well not only to watering – you can spray leaves with aquarium water.

But if the water has been in the aquarium for a long time without replacement, it becomes hard. 

Harms of using fish tank water For indoor flowers:

  • plants will not receive nutrients;
  • development processes are disrupted;
  • roots suffer from “old” water;
  • leaves turn yellow; flowers wither.

Important!   After water, a white coating may appear on the surface of the soil. This indicates a high content of calcium, both in water and in the soil.

Aquarium water for watering houseplants does not need to be diluted. It contains the optimal amount of useful minerals.

Some flower growers note that it is useful for houseplants and guano drained from the aquarium along with water.


If the biological balance is maintained in the home pond, the water taken from the aquarium along with the waste products of the fish will be useful in growing seedlings.

Benefits of using fish tank water For Seedling::

  1. In composition, such water is identical to lake silt, which makes it a good fertilizer for seedlings.
  2. Phosphorus , which is part of the water, activates metabolic processes.
  3. The complex of mineral elements allows for supporting photosynthesis and respiratory functions of plants.
  4. Beneficial microorganisms, get into the soil with water, and enrich it with oxygen.

All this has a beneficial effect on the growth of seedlings. Seedlings are strong and adapt more easily when transferred to open ground.

Harms of using fish tank water For Seedlings::

  • frequent watering with such water will lead to an overabundance of useful substances and “force” seedlings to grow, pushing back the time of budding;
  • when using unfiltered water, the percentage of urea increases, which affects the seedlings by yellowing the leaf plate;
  • watering with stagnant water disrupts the development of sprouts.

Reference! If the water is of high quality, it contains microorganisms – antagonists of pathogenic flora.

Gardeners who grow seedlings on their own believe that watering with aquarium water is a good preventive measure that prevents the development of fungal diseases.


Aquarium water with a low content of ammonia and nitrites, but with a sufficient amount of nitrates, is useful for vegetable crops, Benefits of using fish tank water For Garden::

  • they are actively growing;
  • delight summer residents with lush flowering;
  • give high yields.

But watering with such water can also cause the death of plants. If the aquarium has not been cleaned for a long time, food remains accumulate in it, which gradually rots.

Harms of using fish tank water For Garden::

  • pyogenic bacteria, once in the soil, actively multiply there, affecting cultures with fungal diseases;
  • the balance of microflora is disturbed – beneficial organisms are suppressed by pathogenic ones;
  • vegetable crops weaken, losing the ability to resist pests, which leads to a decrease in yield.

Important! For watering garden plants, you should take only high-quality water from the aquarium. It maintains a balance of chemicals and there is a beneficial microflora.

Nitrates contained in aquarium water are pure organics produced by fish and processed by bacteria.

What is better to use for watering?

Those who do not have a home pond with fish use water from various available sources to irrigate crops.

The best option in such cases for indoor plants, seedlings, and gardens is artesian (well) or rainwater. The latter is pre-defended and filtered so that harmful substances precipitate.


Despite some negative points, you should not refuse to using fish tank water to grow plants.:. It is more useful than rain, boiled, and even more so tap water.

If the house does not have a pond with fish, flower growers and summer residents should buy it. The main thing is to update the water in a timely manner so that it benefits the plants.

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