what to do with old aquarium? (11 cool things to do)

Many pet lovers breed fish, but in some cases, it becomes problematic to keep them, and the remaining accessories only take up space in the apartment. Designers know how to misuse an aquarium or fish tank and what can be done to give new life to unnecessary things and decorate your home with original decor, and are willing to share ideas.

what to do with old aquarium

What To Do With Old Aquarium?

Experts say that from aquariums that have different shapes, you can make both interior items and decorative items with your own hands, with the help of which you can give the room an unusual and attractive look.


The most popular advice on how to use an old empty aquarium is to make a beautiful yet practical florarium out of it. To bring this idea to life, you can take a container of any shape and size.

If it is impossible to take care of flowers a lot, you can arrange a mini garden of unpretentious plants.


Paludariums differ from florarium in that, in addition to soil, a small water zone is provided in them.

Paludariums have a more complex structure. They have a small reservoir and a coastal zone. A classic paludariums is a partially open space where part of the front wall and cover is missing and the plants inside breathe atmospheric air. Such structures often contain small animals, such as turtles. This makes the maintenance of the reservoir more difficult.


You can make an unusual and beautiful vase with your own hands if you take a round container and cover it with stained glass paints. These can be purchased at handicraft stores.

You can paint a dry aquarium according to your taste or interior style.

For decoration, it is recommended to pick up floral or marine ornaments, however, the author’s imagination in this case is unlimited. The painting is applied to the outer surface of the glass; for strength, it is advisable to fix the finished stained glass with transparent varnish. You can use such a vase for storing various things and as a planter for home flowers.


In every house there are things for the safety of which the owners are especially worried. These can be art objects, individual collectibles, or heirlooms that need to be inherited.

storage for fragile items

If you place them inside an empty aquarium and cover them with a lid or a suitable piece of thick glass or plastic, you can create optimal storage conditions. In such a showcase, household valuables will be reliably protected from dust and moisture.


One of the easiest ways to use an old aquarium in the interior is to make a stand out of it for things: flowers, a table lamp, organizer, dishes. For this purpose, a small flat or square container is more suitable.

You just need to put it on one of the side walls in a convenient place. Install a large object on top, and put small things inside, for example, small office supplies, napkins, a case for glasses, a TV remote control, a phone charger.


It is easy to fill a round container with smooth edges with whole pine cones and nuts – walnuts or hazelnuts. It is good to place such an impromptu vase where the family gathers for a joint vacation. This decor looks especially impressive in winter, if the container with healthy and tasty products is wrapped in tinsel and decorated with an LED garland. To give the top edge a “snowy” look, you need to grease the edges with lemon juice and dipped in a bowl of granulated sugar for 5-10 seconds.


Since the aquarium has strong transparent walls, it can be adapted as a greenhouse, in which flower or vegetable seedlings will actively grow in spring, and microgreens for food in winter.

In preparation for the summer cottage, the aquarium will serve as a seedling greenhouse.

To do this, a layer of fertile soil should be poured onto the bottom of the container and suitable seeds should be planted. The mini-garden needs to be moistened with a spray bottle, covered with glass and placed in bright sun. After a while, young shoots will appear from the ground.


An original coffee table can be created if you set up a large old aquarium as a foundation. From above it is necessary to cover the structure with a suitable material – a thick sheet of glass, plastic or a decoratively treated board.

Such a table looks original if decorative elements are placed inside the container: dry or artificial flowers, corals, driftwood, stones with a bizarre shape – everything that is at hand and can act as decoration. To prevent dust from getting inside, the top should fit snugly against the walls of the aquarium.


The flat aquarium can be fixed horizontally in the kitchen or dining room using brackets. The glass of such containers is durable, so you can put your favorite tea set or a set of dishes on top of the hanging structure.

Small crockery will fit inside the aquarium. It can be glasses, glasses, jam sockets, coffee cups. In addition, napkins, towels, potholders and other little things that are always needed in the kitchen can be stored there.


The original idea for decorating an old aquarium is to make a transparent chest out of it, in which you can store decorative items, books, Christmas tree and other seasonal decorations.

To build such a piece of furniture, you need to have minimal carpentry skills. The edges of the container must be placed in a wooden frame, and a decorative cover must be attached to the hinge hinges on top. If you wish, you can decorate your homemade chest with LEDs.


Another way to use a small container for other purposes is to make an original candlestick out of it. It is easy to build it in 10 minutes: wash the aquarium thoroughly, dry it with a soft towel so that there are no streaks on the glass, and place a small candle inside. If you place decorative refractory objects, such as beautiful stones, next to each other, you get a complete composition that can decorate a room.

The decorated reservoir and light source can be used as a night light.

There is another option: if the aquarium does not allow water to pass through, you can pour liquid into it (which can be easily tinted with food dyes) and let 1-2 small tablet candles in an aluminum case float on the surface. Petals and small buds of fresh flowers can serve as an additional decoration.

other use of old aquarium

Another idea for using an empty aquarium is to design it as a functional one, but without water and fish. To do this, you need to stick a film with a marine theme on the back and sidewalls, and place dry corals, shells, themed decorations that are sold in pet stores inside the container. If you make a small diode backlight, you can use such an original craft as a night light.

An old small aquarium can be used to decorate a bathroom. It can store soap and other small hygiene items. It is better to transport an aquarium that is no longer subject to decoration or alteration to a summer cottage and plant flowers or greenery in it.

where can you place such a decor element?

It is necessary to put a new piece of furniture depending on its purpose.

In order for a hand-made thing to become a decoration of the house, it is important to place it in a place that is convenient for viewing:

  1. The candlestick and night light will look good in the bedroom on the bedside table.
  2. It is recommended to arrange the florarium so that the plants do not experience a deficit of sunlight.
  3. A glass chest and heirloom display case will look great in the living room where the whole family gathers.
  4. Small containers filled with trifles are recommended to be placed on bookshelves, shelves, coffee tables.

With installations from unnecessary aquariums, you can decorate niches, openings, corners, ledges, and minor defects in wall decoration.

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