Goldfish Feng Shui, Types, Placement, Numbers in Fish Tank

Ornamental fish are usually an auspicious feng shui symbol representing prosperity. However, the goldfish is especially unique in that its name in Chinese looks like the character 金鱼 but is pronounced “Jin Yu”.

It’s no secret that the Chinese traditionally love to play with words, especially homonyms. Homonyms describe words that sound the same or are spelled the way they are pronounced but have different meanings.

goldfish feng shui fish tank

This is one of the main reasons why numbers have so many meanings in Chinese culture. For example, the number 168 is considered an auspicious number combination, not only because of the positive meaning of each of the numbers but also because it sounds like “enrichment” in Mandarin when pronounced.

While Jin Yu literally means goldfish, the two words sound phonetically like an abundance of gold. Both words are a direct representation of wealth.

For the above reasons, the goldfish is popular with homeowners who want to install aquariums in their homes to get rich, keeping in mind the metaphysical effects of feng shui.

Goldfish are freshwater inhabitants, which are much easier to keep at home compared to marine counterparts.

What types of goldfish feng shui are preferable?

Although all varieties of ornamental fish are acceptable for keeping in a home aquarium, however, to attract money, it is preferable to keep fish of a golden color. Scaled pets should look luxurious, and “rich”, which symbolizes prosperity and success.

At the same time, keep in mind that not all types of fish activate monetary energy. For example, koi carps (which, by the way, are a very auspicious symbol in Feng Shui) can have a golden color, but at the same time, they lack the ability to attract wealth to the house.

By the way, if it is not possible to keep an aquarium with goldfish, then you can always replace it with a panel, painting, or reproduction with similar content. But, of course, the aquarium is much more efficient.

How many goldfish is good for feng shui?

The most preferred number of fish that attract money according to Feng Shui is 9.

This positive number represents the fullness of the universe and combines the completed cycle of heaven and earth. Moreover, the nine in Feng Shui is a powerful attractor that can lead to wealth, love and success in all matters.

how many goldfish is good for feng shui

So, if you are getting goldfish to attract money into your life, then consider the following recommendations. Not only your well-being, but also your health, as well as the state of affairs in general, depends on the number of individuals in the aquarium.

  • 1 – will be too lonely and inactive
  • 2 – will cause illness
  • 3 – will create conflicts
  • 4 – will lead to disaster if used incorrectly
  • 5 – can be harmful to health
  • 6 – can cause neutrality, which negates the purpose of the “money” aquarium
  • 7 – can mean disaster
  • 8 is a very lucky number
  • 9 – explained earlier

It is undesirable to keep more than 9 fish in a money aquarium.

Note that although 9 is the recommended number of individuals, for a stronger positive effect in feng shui, the best distribution is 8 goldfish and 1 black goldfish (black telescope). This combination is based on the symbolism of both the number 8 and the number 9.

In addition, the black fish symbolizes the presence of Yin in Yang, which is the rule of the basic teachings of Yin and Yang. Keep in mind that black goldfish should be as black as possible! Readout guide on How Many Fish Should Be In Feng Shui Aquarium?

Where is the best place to put a goldfish tank?

Whether you keep your fish in a bowl (glass), medium or full scale aquarium, remember that it is best to place them at an accessible-height from where you can easily get an overhead view. For this, a coffee table or a special bookcase is suitable.

It is best to place the goldfish tank in the northern part of the house. If this is not possible due to the layout or orientation of the floor plan, then the east and northeast sides of the house (apartment) can be used.

And finally, you must keep the tank clean, and perform regular maintenance. A polluted aquarium never brings favorable energy into the house. Take care of your goldfish – and they will bring you happiness and prosperity!

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