how many fish should be in feng shui aquarium?

An aquarium has always been considered one of the strongest important elements of the Feng Shui system. How many fish should be in feng shui aquarium and What does an aquarium in the house mean? This is the power of well-being in the home. This is a home success. And this, of course, is wealth in the house. An aquarium in the Feng Shui system is associated with abundance. And not in vain.

how many fish should be in feng shui aquarium

Since ancient times, the Chinese believed that fish is a sign of abundance. If you write “fish” in Chinese, then this character can also be read as “abundance”. And these are equal words in Chinese. In addition, over time, the fish acquired other symbols: symbols of happiness in the family, and harmony between spouses. Therefore, by the modern standards of Feng Shui, an aquarium in the house will bring you well-being, prosperity, and good luck.

Are goldfish good feng shui?

True, Feng Shui experts are inclined to believe that it is best to put an aquarium with goldfish. Why exactly? There are several reasons for this. Read in detail about Goldfish Feng Shui.

In general, an aquarium in the house is already good. Launch any fish that will be dear to your heart there and relax in the evenings, watching the underwater life. However, if we talk about the strict observance of Feng Shui, then it is still better to start an aquarium with goldfish. After all, it was the Chinese who brought these river beauties. At that time, one such beauty could cost a fabulous price and they were ready to pay it, because people believed in the powerful power of these fish. In addition, the goldfish automatically became an indicator of a non-poor existence, which today is a beautiful large aquarium. 

Yes, here’s another fact: fish scales were used in China as coins. Well, do you still need evidence and arguments in favor of the fact that fish means wealth?

Now the goldfish is no longer exclusive and rare. In many houses, you can find aquariums with these bushy-tailed inhabitants. An aquarium in the house immediately attracts attention, especially if large and beautiful fish live there, which are goldfish.

This is not to say that an aquarium with goldfish is very difficult to care for, at the same time it cannot be said that it is extremely easy to care for it. There are a set of rules that you need to use and not neglect, that’s all. For example, in moderation to feed the fish. And in no case do not throw them excessive portions of food, although this may seem like an act of generosity on your part, but the excess food will rot in the aquarium and bring many problems.

It is necessary to clean the aquarium depending on its size with a certain constancy, and also change a third of the water once a week. All these are very simple rules that help keep the aquarium clean and tidy just such an aquarium in a Feng Shui house will bring good luck and success, well-being, and harmony. 

Well, modern devices aquarium gadgets will only come to your aid, eliminating the hassle of maintaining the temperature of the water, saturating the water with air, and so on.

how many fish should be in feng shui aquarium?

The philosophy of the Feng Shui system is built on signs. Numbers are the same signs, she says. Take, for example, 9. What does she mean? According to the Feng Shui system, it is a symbol of harmonious relations between earth and sky.

An aquarium in a Feng Shui house is an aquarium with goldfish, of which there should be nine. Ideally, the calculation should be as follows: eight gold – red, you can silver, fish, and one black. It is this calculation of what combination of fish in the aquarium will bring you success and prosperity, happiness and good luck.

True, more important for an aquarium in Feng Shui is not the number of fish, but the aquarium itself. It should be an underwater garden of paradise and not a rotten swamp in which fish can hardly exist. Therefore, if you can’t afford to buy a large enough aquarium for nine fish (quite large, I must say, and one large fish needs many times more space than a small one!), Then give preference to a smaller number, but cleanliness and order. In a small aquarium, nine goldfish will resemble a herring in a tin, and this, so to speak, is not according to Feng Shui.

As an option, you can get not only goldfish, but also smaller, schooling fish that will live together and have fun with nine of them. In a word, when setting up an aquarium in a house according to Feng Shui, you should remember that it is comfortable not only for you, but also for the fish themselves, since they are the same living creatures.

What should be Feng Shui Aquarium size?

Feng Shui says that an aquarium for fish should become a comfortable home, where they will live and swim well, frolic and breed freely. And you will be able to watch this in amazement. If you get a small aquarium, you should not start a lot of fish there – they will be bitter there. So it is unlikely that fish that do not feel too great will be able to positively affect your financial affairs. But too large an aquarium for an excessively small number of fish is also bad – they simply won’t be noticeable there.

Whatever prompted you to the idea of ​​​​acquiring an aquarium – Feng Shui or something else, you still need to consult a specialist. Just ask the seller in the store to suggest which aquarium is better to take for the desired number and type of fish.

Where should I put my fish tank feng shui?

Have you already purchased an aquarium and are wondering where to put it in your house? We hope not. We hope that you asked this question even before buying it, because you need to imagine, going to the store for an aquarium according to Feng Shui or not, where you can place it and how much space, roughly speaking, you can spend on it.

As a symbol of financial success, the aquarium simply must be in full view of the whole house. This is also a kind of psychological “trouble”: every day passing by the aquarium in the house, you remember why you put it there. You remember the “money” setting and your thoughts, according to Feng Shui, strengthen it, send these messages into space, and there already …

Well, this is understandable. But besides the “monetary” settings, you also need to remember about other factors. For example, about the fish factor. Remember that these are the same living beings that require comfortable conditions? Remember. Now it’s time to find a place in your home where these conditions are met to the maximum.

First, we sweep aside all dark places although the aquarium will be illuminated with a lamp, it also needs a certain portion of daylight. No, the windowsill does not fit either – there are direct rays of the sun and too much of this very daylight. 

No, the center of the room is, of course, the most central place, but this is also an unfortunate choice. Everyone who passes by can potentially catch the structure and several tens (or hundreds) of liters of water, not according to Feng Shui, will pour onto the floor. All this is, of course, ironic. But seriously, read about where it is better to put an aquarium according to the laws of not only Feng Shui but also aquariums.

In short, the most “feng shui” for an aquarium is a sunny place where the rays of the sun reach it only in the morning and in the evening. Otherwise, the water in the aquarium will acquire an unpleasant odor and bloom at all.

And now briefly about the most important thing. According to the Chinese method, it is better to place the aquarium of a house according to Feng Shui in the southeastern (!) Part, apartment or room, because the territory of wealth is concentrated there.

is it bad luck when your fish dies in Feng Shui aquarium?

The Feng Shui aquarium at home suggests a clean, fabulous place in which the fish play charmingly in the water, rushing back and forth or smoothly traveling through the water. But that’s in theory. The reality is that sometimes not only beginners, but also professionals, encounter problems in the aquarium or, for some reason independent of them, the fish in the aquarium die.

According to Chinese beliefs, if your fish died, it saved your home or family from some kind of misfortune by taking it with you. That is, the death of a fish is an avoidance of possible troubles and problematic situations.

Well, if we move away from mythology, then in such a situation a good aquarist asks himself the question: why? This is something that can save other fish from the same fate. It is necessary to clean the filter, siphon the bottom of the aquarium, and renew the water. If other fish also show an unhealthy condition, then you may have to resort to treatment. In a word, not only the fish saves us from some problems, but we can quite naturally save them. What should be done.

Is an aquarium good feng shui: Some Facts

is an aquarium good feng shui
  • An aquarium in a Feng Shui house is a carrier of one of the energies. He, of course, is responsible for the water element. In turn, she keeps her financial well-being. But the aquarium itself in the Feng Shui house can have a different meaning depending on where it is located in the apartment or in the building.
  • According to Feng Shui, too much is worse than too little. So in relation to the aquarium, you need to respect the proportions and not indulge in large dimensions or a large number of fish if this is not necessary.
  • The most optimal glass shape for an aquarium is a rectangle, that is, an aquarium – a parallelepiped – is a universal solution. This is the ratio of forms and meanings in the Feng Shui system: round – association with metal – favorable, hexagonal – with water – satisfies, rectangle – wood – satisfies, triangle – fiery – does not satisfy, square – association with earth – does not favor.
  • Fish in an aquarium can be divided according to Feng Shui into such quantities: one fish, four, six or nine. Nine is the optimal number. At the same time, the small or large sizes of the inhabitants of the aquarium in the Feng Shui house do not matter.
  • In addition to fish, of course, in the aquarium at home, according to Feng Shui, there should also be decorative “bells and whistles“. It is very important here that there are no decorative elements that do not comply with the rule of naturalness. The aquarium should reflect the natural environment in which the fish live as much as possible. Do not fill it with poison-colored stones or other decorative items if you want to put an aquarium at home in Feng Shui.
  • Do not put any strange objects on the aquarium or inside. For example, decor, which, perhaps, looks beautiful, but is incomprehensible. Unnatural and incomprehensible objects are taboo. But a talisman that would mean something to you and at the same time be quite logical in an aquarium or on a lid – this is always welcome. For example, a shell or starfish brought from a pleasant vacation will look great from above.

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